Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary Measures

1. All students are subject to the same school disciplinary measures without preferential treatment. There shall be no “Sacred Cows”

  • 1st Offense: Parents shall be invited
  • 2nd Offense: Various disciplinary measures commensurate with the offense committed
  • 3rd Offense: Suspension or expulsion

2. Disciplinary measures include the following:

  • Public caning especially during school assembly
  • Manual Labour, such as cleaning of the school compound and classrooms etc.
  • Suspension
  • Levying or replacement in case of damage/loss of school property Expulsion

3. Offender’s name shall be entered into the school black-book/bad conduct book as recommended by the school management.

Every student on admission is expected to pledge that he/she will adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the school and will not engage in damaging any school property or get involved in any unlawful demonstration/protest or any action that will hinder the peace and the progress of the school.