School Curriculum

The school curriculum is in accordance with the Federal and State Governments’ Current Educational Policies.

The school caters for all government approved courses designed to suit the aspirations of our students and the need of our nation.

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Basic Science, Physical and Health Education.

Mathematics: Elementary, Pure and Further Maths

Language: English Language, Yoruba, German, Spanish and French.

Technology: Intro. Tech., Electrical and Electronics, Wood Work and Technical Drawing.

Arts: Literature-in-English, Christian Religious Studies, Fine and Creative Arts.

Social Sciences: Economics, Government, Geography, Social Studies and Civic Education.

Commercial: Financial Accounts, Business Studies, Typing and Short Hand.

Trade Subjects: Office Practice, Data Processing, Book-keeping and Food and Nutrition.

In line with the current National Policy on Education, our Science Department Comprises: i) Pure Science: Biology is Compulsory. ii) Applied Science: Technical Drawing and Further Maths are compulsory.

The school employs the services of experienced, qualified, dedicated and efficient personnel to provide necessary services.