In order to be qualified for promotion from junior to senior school, it is expedient for the students to excel in all the subjects offered at Jss3 examinations conducted by NECO and Ogun State.

For Liberal Arts and Social Science Stream, a student must have credit pass in English Language, Social Studies and Mathematics.

To be qualified for a placement in science stream, a student must have credit pass in English, Basic Science and Mathematics.

For Technical and Agricultural Stream, a student must have credit pass in Introductory Technology or Agricultural Science or Home Economics, Mathematics, Basic Science and English.

Placement in Commercial Stream requires credit pass in Business Studies, Mathematics and English.

Senior Secondary School Subjects: At SS level every student should select six core subjects (Subjects that are basic and compulsory for every student) and 3 or 4 elective subjects, depending on the students’ tentative career choice.

It is mandatory for each student to offer 11 or 12 subjects up to the end of SS Two, and may drop I or 2 of the non compulsory (elective) subjects in the third year of the SSS 2 Class.

Every student is expected to take into consideration his/her proven cognitive ability and vocational interest or aspiration in line with WAEC and NECO regulations on subject combination when taking a final decision. 

Every student must offer the following core subjects:

1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. Civic Education

Languages: Choose 2
  1. French

2. German

3. Spanish

Students are expected to select 6 elective subjects from:

A. Basic Science and Maths Stream:

1. Biology
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Further Mathematics
5. Health and Physical Education
6. Computer Science

B. Technical and Agricultural Stream:

7. Technical Drawing (Applied Science)
8. Food and Nutrition
9. Agricultural Science

C. Commercial Stream

10. Financial Account (Compulsory for Commercial Subject Students)
11. Book Keeping (Trade Subject)
12. Typewriting (Trade Subject)
13. Office Practice (Trade Subject)
14. Commerce (Compulsory for Commercial Subject Students)
15. Data Processing (A Trade Subject)

D. Liberal Arts and Social Science Stream:

16. Economics
17. Government
18. Literature – in- English
19. Christian Religion Knowledge
20. Fine Art/Creative Art
22. Geography